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Crossposting from Tumblr. 
19e-mai-2010 01:48 am
This has been floating around, so I think I need to do it.

Hardest part: Remembering to post to Tumblr every day. I’m going to set an alarm. No, seriously.

So, here’s the full list of what I’ll be talking about, since I really want to delve into my gaming past in a way that is conducive to me actually talking:

01 - Your current favorite game.
02 - The most underrated game you’ve ever played.
03 - A game that makes you really happy
04 - A game that made you sad
05 - A game that really reminds you of someone
06 - Favorite flash/internet game
07 - The most surprising game plot twist or ending
08 - A game that you’ve played countless times
09 - A game with the best soundtrack
10 - Favorite Retro game
11 - A game that changed your opinion about something
12 - A game that you hate
13 - A game that is a guilty pleasure
14 - A game that no one would expect you to love
15 - A videogame character who you can relate to the most
16 - A game that you used to love but now hate
17 - A game the disappointed you the most
18 - A game that you wish you more people would’ve played
19 - Favorite game based on a movie/book/comic/etc.
20 - Favorite stress relieving game
21 - Favorite fighting game
22 - Favorite RPG
23 - Favorite racing game
24 - That one awesome game idea that still hasn’t been done yet
25 - The most hilarious game you’ve ever played
26 - A game that you can beat everyone else at
27 - A game that you wish you could play, but suck at
28 - A game that makes you feel guilty
29 - A game from your childhood
30 - Your favorite game of all time.

Aaaaaand go.
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