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1er-mai-2010 09:46 pm - Happy May, y'all.
Excuse me while we go outside.

Pinkie Pie Cute
23e-avr-2010 04:53 pm - Not sure what to do now
I didn't get in the counseling program.
So is this a sign that I've been wrong about what I've wanted to do for the past ten years?

I have no idea. But I am trying to find online applications. This one has my attention right now. Sigh. We'll see what happens.
Pinkie Pie Cute
10e-avr-2010 07:52 pm - Heh.
I know I just cut my hair, but....uh...it's been cut more.

It's just been too damn hot, I'm sorry.

Also, we're slowly working me up to blonde. I missed my blonde hair. But this sure brings it back most of the way.
Pinkie Pie Cute
1er-avr-2010 05:23 pm(pas de sujets)
I don't know how political some of you are, but through email forwards, I got this, which apparently has all of the conservatives/Tea Party people that don't even think the President is American in a tizzy. They're encouraging people to vote "F" on everything.

Um, no.

This is his first year. In the past couple of months, he's gotten a couple of things done. Is it enough to warrant an A in everything? No. But people are literally just sitting there waiting for someone pro-Obama to come along.

The Tea Party, and everything it actually stands for (opposed to what it thinks it stands for) disgust me.
Pinkie Pie Cute
25e-mar-2010 09:40 pm(pas de sujets)

Submitted for the approval of all Dr. LJs in the house.

This is just straight, but I can do a lot with it, I think. Nice to get the length down.

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Pinkie Pie Cute
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